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Frozen Pink Royale Salt is a vape juice flavor that comes in a 30ml bottle size. It is a salt nicotine (Saltnic) blend called Pink Panther Royale Ice Salt, which combines grapefruit and blackcurrant flavors with a touch of ice for a refreshing vaping experience. It is specifically designed for use with low-powered devices such as shisha puff coils or pods.

The nicotine strengths available for Frozen Pink Royale Salt are 30mg and 50mg. This means that each milliliter of vape juice contains either 30mg or 50mg of nicotine, depending on your preference and nicotine tolerance.

The e-liquid composition of Frozen Pink Royale Salt consists of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) with flavorings. The VG content is at or below 50%, while the PG content with flavorings is at or below 50%. This ratio of VG to PG affects the viscosity and vapor production of the e-liquid.

In terms of nicotine levels, Frozen Pink Royale Salt is available in 3% and 5%. This indicates the concentration of nicotine in the e-liquid. A 3% nicotine level means that 3mg of nicotine is present in each milliliter of vape juice, while a 5% nicotine level means that 5mg of nicotine is present per milliliter.

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